Offer Details: Manual Transmission only. 

The vast majority of learner drivers THINK! that ALL Driving Instructors or Driving Lessons are the same! Offer Details

This can be a very costly misconception that often leads to hours of frustration and countless wasted £££££. Almost all Driving Schools / Driving Instructors will tell you they offer quality driving tuition but how many can prove it?

We make extensive use of customer reviews to give an unbiased view of our service and tuition but I am keen to go one step further and offer you an insight into our “Try Us and See Deal”. New drivers Only .. 

I am so confident in the abilities of my team of Driving Instructors to deliver both service and quality tuition that if you are prepared to “Trust Us” with ten hours of your tuition, I will give you a massive discount to quite simply “Try Us and See”.

SAVE £30.00 with our ten hour deal at just £250

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Our core lesson price is £30.00 per hour which reflects the skill and dedication of our instructors

We do not attempt to compete with “cheap” lessons but  compete with customer success. You will benefit from the skill and dedication of your allocated instructor.

What else can I do to convince you, we really are your best choice in the local area?


Who Will You Trust With Your Tuition?

Dave Williams School Owner

Dave Williams School Owner

** The Try Us and See Deal is designed for relative beginners to driving and in Manual transmission and will be offered at the discretion of the customer services staff** This offer is not available for B+E trailer training.


Offers and Promotions:

Introductory offers and promotional packages are booked at the current rate for the full duration of the offer and are not transferable to any other offers or promotions.

Should a refund be required for any reason part way through a promotional package or offer, lessons taken will be charged at the full hourly rate and not the promotional offer rate.

Some important factors for me when picking a driving instructor are that they are trustworthy instead of milking driving lessons. He pushed me to take my driving test as soon as I was ready, although I did fail first time which was my fault entirely for being sloppy, the 2nd time round I felt very confident with only 4 minors. I roughly had about 10/15 lessons a few years back and then moved out of the country for a while, so I had a rough idea on how it was going to plan out, but this time it seemed a lot better and more chilled out than my last instructor, which suited me. I found the teaching methods brilliant, as he knew what I was struggling with instantly and then worked on them throughout the lessons. He never got stressed when I did something wrong; we got along very well which was great. I would recommend Williams Driving School because, although I had only 6/7 lessons, I enjoyed my time driving.

Sam Dixon of Torquay.


Customer Reviewsl Torquay, Sam Dixon

Customer Reviewsl Torquay, Sam Dixon


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