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South Devon's Premier Driving School
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Dave is the Driving School owner and he will be delighted to answer your questions, listen to your requirements and check lesson availability in your particular area.

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The Main reason why I Chose Williams Driving School.

“When I was looking for a driving school, I mostly looked for someone who was local, experienced and who I or my friends knew already. Dave Williams, my instructor, was friendly, funny, and had a nicely maintained car. It was almost as if Dave adapted his teaching methods to suit me and my personality. Learning to drive was much easier than I expected and the support from Dave meant if I had any issues, he was able to help wherever I needed. To pass with only 1 minor, and for that minor to be undue hesitation, in my opinion you can never be too safe, which is why I would recommend Williams Driving school and Dave to my friends, as he teaches you to be a real, safe driver, not just to pass your test.”

Matt Phillips

The Main reason why I Chose Williams Driving School.

Customer Reviews Torquay Michael Morgan

Customer Reviews  Michael Morgan


“For me passing my test was essential so it was important I made the correct choice when searching for a Driving School. My Driving Instructor was Marc Rosindale. Marc had very good teaching methods which made learning to drive easier than I thought it would be! I would definitely recommend the School to others as after my experience I wouldn’t have wanted to choose anyone else!” Michael Morgan, Torquay Customer Reviews Torquay Michael Morgan


We are Williams Driving School and one of Torbay’s leading driving schools. We have built a strong reputation throughout the community largely thanks to our quality services and highly trained respected staff.

Our training courses are competitively priced & we provide substantial discounts for block bookings of more than 10 lessons. We also have our most popular package, the try us and see deal which enables new students or beginners to try us out with having to commit to any further lessons.

All our instructors abide by our own internal procedures and industry refresher courses. We have driving instructors who can provide experience in a variety of areas. For example, beginner learner driving, advanced learner driving including motorway driving & much more.

We also have male and female driving instructors. One of the reasons why we are so popular is because we obtain a lot of referrals from previous students who have been happy with our service and successfully passed first time. We have a particularly high first-time pass rate.

We managed to maintain such a high standard because we have structured driving courses. Whenever a new student or beginner driver signed up for courses we have a detailed and outlined plan. Each lesson forms part of the driving syllabus and progression through the syllabus prepares the tutor or student for their final test examination.

Our system of providing a structured and detailed course of lessons insures that students can clearly monitor themselves and how they’re progressing. A clear structure also enables the instructor to feedback each lesson to the student regarding what he or she considers are the students strengths and weaknesses.

This insures the student has the ability or potential or opportunity to practice in between lessons. The structure of our courses begins in a very quiet housing estate or industrial estate where there is no other traffic. This gives the student the opportunity to confidently get used to handling the controls of a motor-vehicle.

It also gives the instructor the opportunity to have the student carry out particular manoeuvres in a controlled way without putting the student and himself or anyone else at risk. Once the instructor is happy that the student can handle a motor-vehicle and confidently carry out these manoeuvres when asked to do so efficiently during the lessons you will then move on to a busier environment.

Each lesson will be a further step through the driving syllabus and towards the end goal of preparation for your test examination. As you can clearly at our driving School we provide a professional service detailed from start to finish.


Dave Williams, driving school owner.