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Dave is the Driving School owner and will be delighted to discuss your requirements and match your availability to one of our Teignmouth instructors.

Customer services are open Monday – Friday from 8.30am – 8pm.

Saturday 8.30am – 5pm / Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays.

For inquiries outside hours, please leave a message or Email  williamsdrivingschool@virginmedia.com

The Main Reason I chose Williams Driving School
Customer Reviews Teignmouth Izzy Layton

Customer Reviews Teignmouth Izzy Layton

Customer Reviews Teignmouth Izzy Layton

“The most important factor for me when I was searching for which Driving School to use was that I would be able to have a female Driving Instructor. It was also important that the Instructor would specialise in dealing with nervous drivers. My Driving Instructor Claire Hancock had good teaching methods that were easy to follow and she was easy to get along with. There is nothing in my opinion that needed improving.” Customer Reviews Teignmouth Izzy Layton

Customer Reviews Teignmouth, Richard Lynch

Customer Reviews Teignmouth, Richard Lynch

“I was looking for a local instructor, who taught Automatic, when I found Williams Driving School I read some great reviews. My Instructor was Guy Parfitt he was very patient and calm. HE DID NOT SHOUT! I would recommend Williams Automatic instructors to my friends”

Richard Lynch

Customer Reviews Paignton Matt Phillips

Customer Reviews Matt Phillips

“When I was looking for a driving school, I mostly looked for someone who was local, experienced and who I or my friends knew already. Dave Williams, my instructor, was friendly, funny, and had a nicely maintained car. It was almost as if Dave adapted his teaching methods to suit me and my personality. Learning to drive was much easier than I expected and the support from Dave meant if I had any issues, he was able to help wherever I needed. To pass with only 1 minor, and for that minor to be undue hesitation, in my opinion you can never be too safe, which is why I’d recommend Dave to my friends, as he teaches you to be a real, safe driver, not just to pass your test.”

Matt Philips


Driving Lessons Teignmouth

Williams Driving School have been offering driving lessons in Teignmouth for many years and have built a reputation of being the premier driving school in the local Teignmouth area.

All of our local driving instructors operating in the Teignmouth area have been DBS checked as required by the DVLA for your safety. The driving tuition we offer is client centred, that means we don’t simply tell you what you are going to do but discuss with you a plan of action that you are comfortable with. A good example of this would be: We might suggest that it’s time to tackle the subject of roundabouts but you may not feel ready and prefer to tackle an alternative subject first, so that’s what we would do.

A well-trained instructor offering driving lessons in Teignmouth will enable you to learn much faster and not only get you to your practical driving test much sooner but save you a fortune on the way.

Driving Schools that charge a premium lesson rate are very confident in the quality of customer service and tuition they provide, providing customer centred lessons with a strong mission statement of customer success. We rely enormously on recommendations to keep our team of Teignmouth instructors busy and are extremely grateful to our customers for the reviews they provide. Talk is cheap and we now live in a customer review society where it is so easy to gain an independent view of a Driving School before deciding who to trust with your tuition.

Should you wish to check out our individual driving instructors and read what their customers have to say about them, then please visit the “Meet the Teignmouth Team” page.

I would like to wish you every success in your quest to obtain your full driving licence whether you choose Williams Driving School as your training provider or one of our competitors.

Warm Regards.

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Dave Williams School Owner

Dave Williams School Owner