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1st 10 hours of Driving Lessons

Manual only

Open to all pupils who are new to Williams Driving School 

with or Without Driving Experience

for £300 Saving up to £30.00

Maxium 1 per pupil 


full terms and conditions at https://williamsdrivingschool.net/faq-page/




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1.All lessons are a minimum of 90 minutes

2. Vouchers valid for 6 months from Purchase date.

3. Vouchers can not be exchanged for cash

4. .Should a refund be required for any reason part way through a voucher lessons already taken will be charged at the full  hourly rate and not the promotional offer rate.


Vouchers: Covid 19

All pre-purchased voucher will be extended by 6 months due to Lockdown restrictions, if you wish to extend the voucher longer you must contact the office by the time the extra 6 months has expired.

If the expired voucher was for a Special offer and this offer is no longer available the voucher will revert to its Money Value.

Having a voucher will not help you jump the waiting list.


Drive at 16


Now only available Monday to Friday

1 person

 2.5 hour lesson is from home to Exeter and back home again.

2 Persons 

3.5 hour lesson is from home to Exeter and back home again.

Time spent at Exeter will depend on Traveling time. With 2 people the driving time will be shared


Please call the Office for Prices & Availability


Pass Plus is a driving training course aimed at new drivers who are looking to improve their driving ability. The course is made up of 6 modules which cover skills which aren’t typically covered in your driving lessons, the Pass Plus modules are; -In Town Driving -All Weather Driving -Rural Road Driving -At Night Driving -Dual Carriageway Driving -Motorway Driving Ideally, all modules are practical based, however due to location restrictions some modules may have to be theory based (eg. if you are in a built up city there may not be rural roads available). 
How is the Pass Plus course marked? The course will be at least 6 hours, and there is no formal test at the end of it. Your instructor will assess your progress, and when s/he feels you have reach the required standard in all modules, will issue you with a pass. 
Will Pass Plus reduce my insurance?One you have passed, you can apply for your pass plus certificate here; which could entitle you to a discount on your car insurance. However, check with your insurer before presuming the pass plus will cut your insurance costs, as many insurers no longer offer discounts to pass plus certificate holders. You need to find an approved Pass Plus registered driving instructor
How much does Pass Plus cost? Prices vary dependent upon your location. Some local councils also offer discounts off the full price of the Pass Plus training, so it’s worth looking into that.