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Dave is the Driving School owner and will be delighted to discuss your requirements and match your availability to one of our Newton Abbot instructors.

Customer services are open Monday – Friday from 8.30am – 8pm.

Saturday 8.30am – 5pm / Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays.

For inquiries outside hours, please leave a message or Email  williamsdrivingschool@virginmedia.com

The Main Reason I chose Williams Driving School

“I chose Williams Driving School because I wanted a driving school with a good pass rate and patient instructors. I also wanted a female instructor.

Learning to drive was pretty much how I expected it to be. My driving instructor Anna Wood was brilliant and I could not have faulted her! Anna really made my learning experience enjoyable There is nothing that I would have changed, you are excellent!!”

Ellie Stoneman, Newton Abbot

Customer Reviews Newton Abbott Hammish Evans

“I was recommended Williams Driving School by a friend. 

My Instructor Stephen Croucher was patient and supportive making the learning stress free which all helped to build my confidence. Steve had an incredibly knowledge and used various teaching methods to help me pass. 

I will be recommended Williams Driving School to others due to my experience as my Instructor Steve was a fantastic instructor and I was able to trust him to help me pass my driving test”

Hamish Evans

“I was looking for automatic driving lessons and a Driving Instructor who’d be happy to deal with a very nervous driver.

Learning to drive was not as bad as I had thought it would be. My Driving Instructor Ian Lynn had excellent teaching methods and was very calm always having a sense of humour.

I have already recommended the school to others as I honestly can’t think of anything that needed improving. A special mention for Ian as I never thought I would be able to drive as I’m 46!! My first lesson was tough and I didn’t want to drive again but Ian had a long chat with me and talked me in to it to persevere. I have now passed and love driving!! Ian is a credit to Williams Driving School and I’m already looking into doing the pass plus course.

Thank you!!”

Karen Iddiols, Newton Abbot

Driving School Newton Abbot | Top Rated Customer Reviews

  • Male and Female instructors offering the best rated, trusted and recommended tuition in Torbay

  • Manual and Automatic teachers providing affordable packages and bundles for beginners and refresher sessions

  • Many students search for an instructor on a near me basis but we pick up and drop off in the local area so we don’t have to be the nearest

  • Which tutor do you choose, when some instructors are cheap and lack reviews?

  • Find the top tutor and good companies in the location that offer low student deals on motor car classes and provide advice for nervous learners

  • It’s often a big mistake to choose schools who are the cheapest and buy on price alone and may cost more to learn in the long run

  • Private instruction is available for women with our registered lady instructor and block booking is a firm favourite.

  • We are nearby for new drivers and rated no1 by our customers which is great news


Driving Schools offer several advantages over solo driving instructors. Advantages include variety and types of services offered to their customers. For example, non-UK resident or foreign students who are relocating to the UK might need a refresher course which can easily be provided by a driving school.

A solo driving instructor might not be able to offer that service to his customers. Similarly, a driving school might be able to provide more advanced training or even a more varied level of instructor.  Advanced training might include subjects such as motorway driving for instance. Another opportunity for a driving school might also be to offer a choice between male or female instructors.

Something that a solo instructor obviously will not be able to do.

It probably comes as no surprise that most people think that all driving instructors are the same and all of them will probably teach you to drive in the exact same way. This couldn’t be further than the truth because instructors are completely different despite receiving the same training when they initial passed their instructor examinations.

Most people probably think older drivers are more experienced even in terms of instructors. That isn’t necessarily the case with only a small percentage of driving instructors taking further development training once they have passed their instructor exams.

A recent review by an online money saving website claims just 26% of learner drivers booked their lessons with professional driving instructors for the vast majority of their driving lessons.

The primary reason given in the survey by more than 2,000 recently qualified drivers was that expert driving instructors were considered to be too costly and around 46% of those same people surveyed suggested they used family or friends to help them to learn to drive.

The results are perhaps not that surprising given the website is a money saving site but the question we need to ask is did those surveyed actually save any money?

There have been many changes to driving training over the past few years & whilst better driving instructors do stay up to date with the latest methods & techniques and offer the most recent customer focused systems, others are stuck using old & maybe even obsolete techniques.

Older parents may recall their own learning encounters of driving around and around and essentially going over similar procedures until the point when it soaked in. Driving tuition should be very much different in 2017 & an all-round structured series of lessons should now be adopted.

Learning to drive with friends and family can often lead to problems typically caused by one or two main factors. These factors are location and experience. When it comes down to location most family members and friends do not understand the importance of where you should be practising your various manoeuvres in accordance with your driving syllabus.

A driving instructor will be fully aware that you need to start your lessons as a new driver on a very quiet housing estate or industrial estate where there is no risk of other road users continuously interrupting. That usually isn’t what friends or family adopt when they teach you to drive, they simply get you on a road or roads that you clearly are not ready for.

Over the last few pages of this site we have covered most parts of understanding how to drive. So do we choose a driving school or driving instructor? Customarily all instructors obtain work through word of mouth but that has increased many fold now give that we are in the social media era.

Obviously, we have the usual verbal exchange where we might meet someone in the street & discover that they have recently learned to drive & recommend a particular school or instructor. This has long been the most traditional method of word of mouth.

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