Dave Williams School Owner

Dave Williams School Owner

If you would like to explore the possibility of joining a LOCAL DRIVING SCHOOL but still  take control of the days and hours you work, then please contact me Dave Williams by Email or Phone.


01803 370087

Why not become a Williams Driving School Instructor today


    We are looking to expand our team and are recruiting both part time and full time Driving Instructors thoughout South Devon.

    Why not join a great team with a low affordable franchise, and a short term contract.

    We are looking for candidates who meet the following criteria –




    Possess excellent customer service skills

    Enjoy meeting new people

    Call Dave Today 07773625511

     Low Cost Franchise 

    At Williams Driving School we have a short-term contract (2 months)

    The Francise cost as of the 1st May is £160 paid on the 1st of each month.
    This price is based on our block rate for hourly lesson cost (as of  June 2024) which is  £40 per hour over 48 weeks, and divided that  by 12 months.
    The franchise will only go up as our hourly rates are increased.


    We try to limit your downtime by supplying pupils in a given Postcode or Town.

    You can run your own diary and inform the WDS admin your available times (daytime, Evenings or Weekends)  are where you require pupils.

    Also we have a few Whatsapp groups where pupils are posted and useful information.

    Tuition Vehicle:

    You will be required to provide a tuition vehicle.

    You will be responsible for ensuring that all legal requirements for the vehicle are fulfilled.

    The tuition vehicle can be sign written with company livery if you wish.

    Headboard Must be used when giving lessons and will be provided by Williams Driving School

    but a replacement for loss or damage will be your responsibility and a charge will be made to supply a replacement.

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