Dave Williams School Owner

Dave Williams School Owner

If you would like to explore the possibility of a career change, become your own boss and take control of the days and hours you work, then please contact me Dave Williams by Email or Phone.


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I will send you details about our Driving Instructor Training.

Why not become a Driving Instructor today


    We are looking to expand our team and are recruiting both part time and full time Driving Instructors though out South Devon.

    Why not join a great team with a low affordable franchise, and a short term contract.

    We are looking for candidates who meet the following criteria –




    Possess excellent customer service skills

    Enjoy meeting new people

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    Simon Mckechan trained with Williams and is now a member of our popular team.

    This is what one of his pupils said:-

    “I found the learning experience to be much better structure than I had expected.

    Smon was a great instructor, I had lessons previously but he polished off my techniques very well and boosted my confidence. His friendly and relaxed approach was very encouraging as well.

    I will recommend to others as the teachers are very good and focus on the smallest details. I have had a positive experience.”

    Hanna Kopacz.


    How To Become a Driving Instructor


    What You Need to Know


    Before you can start training to become a driving instructor you will need to have had a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) obtained through the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency’s (DVSA)

    Before you can begin the testing process to become an ADI you must have held a full licence for three years (a foreign or automatic licence can count towards the three years). You must also be able to read a vehicle number plate from a minimum of 27.5 metres (90 feet) and pass the DVSA three part driving instructor examinations – which we will go through in more detail below.

    If your licence has penalty points (generally a maximum of four) it is unlikely to affect your application and those points already spent will not count. But you must not have been disqualified from driving during the last four years, not even for one day.


    Driving Instructor ADI Tests


    In order to become a driving instructor there are three rigorous ADI tests which applicants are put through. Our driving instructor training course is designed to help you pass these tests providing you with all of the knowledge and materials you need.


    The ADI tests are broken into three parts:


    ADI Test Part 1

    The first test within your ADI training is in two parts – the theory test and a hazard perception test. The theory test consists of 100 multiple choice questions, within the test there are four bands which each require a pass-mark of 80%. You have 1½ hours to complete the test and need an overall pass mark of 85% for this part of the test. The hazard perception test consists of 14 video clips and the pass mark is 57 out of a possible 75. You are given a further 20 minutes to complete the hazard perception. The cost to sit both parts of the test is £81 and can be taken as many times as necessary. Our training covers the theory and hazard perception section of the ADI tests via in class training, Theory DVD, ADI Driving Test Success Anytime Special Edition and reading materials.


    ADI Test Part 2


    The second test is a driving and eyesight test which is conducted by a Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency Supervising Examiner and lasts approximately one hour. You will be required to demonstrate your ability to drive and manoeuvre the car safely and under control. To pass you must not commit more than six minor or one serious fault. The cost to take this test is £111 and can be taken up to three times. We offer tailored training packages for part two of your ADI test, designed to work around your other work commitments. For part two we will use our in-car recording system so that you can review your lessons at home.


    ADI Test Part 3

    The aim of the Part 3 exam is to assess your ability to instruct and whether your instruction helps a person to learn in an effective way.


    The Part 3 exam will be conducted with a driving examiner observing you delivering a normal 1 hour lesson. You’ll be marked, amongst other things, on Lesson Planning, Risk Management and Teaching & Learning Strategies. The cost to take this test is £111 and can be taken up to three times. Again, our flexible ADI training is designed to fit around your other work commitments.




    You must be of good character, with no current motoring or non-motoring convictions as these would be taken into account.


    Do you think a career as a driving instructor could be for you?



    ADI Full Training Course


    The Williams Driving School training course will cover everything you need to know to pass parts 1, 2 and 3 of your ADI tests.


    Part 1 – Full use of Theory Test Pro.


    Part 2 – in-car training with a qualified Driving Instructor.


    Part 3 – We will supply real pupils alongside role play with our specialist instructor trainer.



    All training is paid for by yourself:



    The course we offer takes about 60 hours in total; the cost of the training can be on a Pay as You go


    At a simular rate to pupils pay. 


    All exams are also paid by yourself


    ‘Beware of cheap deals offered by larger driving schools. 

    They often offer cheap training which is done away from the area and tie you up in a contract so you pay lower for the training but they take it back once you are out earning.



    Once Qualified


    1. You will become a key member of our hugely successful team? (If you choose to!)


    1. Secure your future by joining a local training company with a phenomenal track record that will help you fulfil your future dreams of a new lifestyle career?


    1. Be confident that you will have enough pupils to teach by joining one the most successful and innovative driving school in the area.


    1. Become one of the NEW BREED of ambitious instructors with help and support to be the best?


    1. You will supply your own vehicle for teaching, again the larger company’s will supply a vehicle but at a very inflated price.


    1. Freedom of choice with our unique and innovative “Non contract” low-cost franchise where no one is tied up in legal jargon.


    If you have any question, I would be happy to talk on the phone at anytime


    Dave Williams 07773625511



    Here are the 1st 3 Steps to becoming a


    Step 1 – Check List

    To become a Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) in the UK, you must:

    1. Have held a driving licence for at least 3 years
    2. Be able to read a licence plate at 90 feet (27.5m) – glasses or contacts are OK
    3. Have no more than 6 points on your licence
    4. Allow the Government (DVSA) to complete Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check

    Step 2 – Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure Check

    Next, you must obtain a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure Number.

    You can complete the application online by clicking here: online and register. You will need an email address and will be asked to create a password.

    Or you can apply for this by calling GBOnline on 0845 251 5000 and complete the application form they send you in the post.

    You will then need the following information:

    • the organisation PIN of ‘105205’
    • the ‘secret word’ which is ‘axis’
    • the organisation name of ‘DVSA – PDI (PO)’

    The application can take anything from 2- 6 weeks.

    TMG will write to you enclosing your Disclosure Certificate which includes the Disclosure Number.

    Step 3 – DVSA ADI 3

    Once you have received your Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure Number, you can now register as a PDI (Potential Driving Instructor) and receive your Personal Reference Number (PRN) needed to book your tests.

    To apply online, click here: ONLINE

    You will need the following information to complete your application:

    • your driving licence number
    • your Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure Number and the date it was produced (unless you’ve been told not to get one yet)
    • details of any motoring or non-motoring offences, disqualifications from driving or of any court cases being brought against you

    The DVSA will write to you to confirm your registration and PRN.
    The process can take approx 4-6 weeks. We would advise starting your studies ASAP and prepare for Part 1 whilst this process is being completed.

    You now have your DVSA PRN (personal reference number). You may now book your 1st test when ready.

    Dave Williams

    Williams Driving School