Are we the right Driving School for you?

With Dave having over eighteen years of experience and a high pass rate, we find that taking a 90 minute or 2-hour lesson every week, proves to be the most successful strategy for most students.

Now you may be thinking of taking 1-hour lessons and Just to be clear and give you a balanced view, there is nothing wrong with 1-hour lessons, we just feel that they offer less value for your money as they could prolong the learning period. So, should you prefer to take 1-hour lessons, we would not be the right driving school for you as we don’t offer them.

The opposite of taking 1-hour lessons, is to consider an intensive course.

We have many enquiries asking about intensive courses.

Doing an Intensive course is a great way to pass quickly but to book a course you must have passed you theory test 1st, because you cannot book a driving test until the theory is passed.

Once you have passed the theory the next step is book a practical test. (Booking an intensive does not push you up the queue for the practical driving test)

When you have a test date the intensive course will be arrange around that date.

If you are yet to pass their Theory Test, it may be better to take a few lessons a week while you are revising for the theory. Once you pass the theory you could stop lessons and wait until closer to your driving test date to do an intensive course or increase your weekly lessons 

If you prefer to take an intensive course, we are the right Driving School.