Your Customer Journey:

Your customer journey from booking to practical test.

The fact that you are taking the time to explore our ‘You Ask, We Answer’ section would suggest that you are considering our services as your training provider. Let me take a few minutes of your time to explain exactly what happens when you book your driving lessons with us.

It starts with your visit to our website. You spend some time to explore and digest the information we make available. You then decide to contact us through your preferred method which could be by phone if you would like to speak to Dave in our customer services team. You may prefer to fill in a booking form to send us your requirements or use Facebook Messenger should you wish to have immediate online engagement. You could even send a simple Email if you prefer.

Whatever method you choose, Dave or Sharon who are our customer services staff will take time to understand your requirements and suggest a solution if possible. If they can help you and you decide to make a booking, you will be allocated a suitable instructor to match your requirements and the booking will be confirmed in the Instructors diary. They will then request your preferred method of making payment. We offer payment by, bank transfer or we can send you a payment link by Email. You can also make an online payment through the shop facility on this website. We operate a 48-hour pre-pay policy but if it’s not possible for you to make payment at the time of booking, they can arrange a day and time when it would be convenient.

Once the booking has been confirmed, your details will be sent to your Instructor. Your Instructor will arrive at the agreed time and introduce him/herself. If you are new to driving, your Instructor will drive you to a suitable location to get you started. It’s vital that your first few lessons are conducted in an area that will ensure your success and build your confidence. If you are not a beginner and you have done some driving before, your Instructor will discuss with you whether you would feel confident of driving from the pick-up location.

Your lessons will then be conducted using client centred Learning System and you will arrange with your Instructor for ongoing lessons.

Your Instructor will continue to cover the driving syllabus, improve your knowledge, skills and most importantly build your confidence as you move closer to your practical driving test.

Once test day arrives, both you and your Instructor will be ready for that 1st time pass. Your Instructor will ask your permission to take a photo so we can post on our Facebook page and website to announce and celebrate your test success. The final step will be to request a customer review from you where you can give an account of your learning experience with us here Williams Driving School.