Private Tuition.

Learning to drive with friends and family can often lead to problems typically caused by one or two main factors. These factors are location and experience. When it comes down to location most family members and friends do not understand the importance of where you should be practising your various manoeuvres in accordance with your driving syllabus.

A driving instructor will be fully aware that you need to start your lessons as a new driver on a very quiet housing estate or industrial estate where there is no risk of other road users continuously interrupting. That usually isn’t what friends or family adopt when they teach you to drive, they simply get you on a road or roads that you clearly are not ready for.

This can have a really bad effect because you can easily pick up bad habits in the speed of things or it can completely upset your confidence & your ability to learn to drive. This can cause you much stress & lead to arguments amongst you & your friend or family member.

The other factor is experience. This is not only your experience, or lack of it, but the experience of the family member or friend. The person assisting you will take a lot of things for granted when he or she gets out on the road & so will not make a point of going through each task step by step to ensure you have it covered. Obviously this can have a huge impact on what you are learning & can seriously limit your chances of passing your test later down the line.

Never assume that a family member or friend is competent enough to teach you to drive simply because they have passed their test. Family members or friends are ideal to help you practice things you are struggling with in your professional lessons but they should not be a replacement for your professional lessons.

A structured lesson with a driving instructor is & will always be the best course of action. You receive the correct level of training from an instructor whilst polishing your own procedures in between your lessons with family or friends. This is the perfect way to learn to drive giving you increased practice whilst learning to drive with a professional.

Having your report card from your professional instructor handy when practising with friends and family will clearly demonstrate to them where you are up to in the driving syllabus and what you need further practice on. This will ensure your practice is centered around the right things you need to improve on.

Now we can see where things can easily go wrong without using a proper instructor & it is easy to understand why the pass rate in the UK is so low when many people overlook a professional instructor’s services for people they know. It is important to receive the right training so always choose a professional.

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