Meet The Paignton Team

Welcome to our our team of fully qualified and hardworking driving Instructors who are waiting to deliver your driving licence. Meet the Paignton Team

We are a local and family run Driving School business operating on your doorstep.

All of our local Driving Instructors are dedicated and hardworking also DBS checked as required by the DVLA.

Welcome to our our team of dedicated and hardworking driving Instructors who are waiting to deliver your driving licence.

They will all deliver client centred Driving lessons to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from each lesson and a full report will be available with details of what topics were covered, what progress was made and any areas of weakness to be addressed. You will sign each lesson sheet to confirm start and finish times along with next lesson confirmation to eliminate any uncertainty.

All of our driving Instructors work to a strict code of conduct and adhere to our Driving School mission statement to maintain standards.

Dave Williams School Owner

Dave Williams School Owner

My name is Dave Williams and I established Williams School of Motoring in 2001 over which time the school has built up a excellent reputation for offering quality driving lessons in Torquay and the surrounding area. We are also well known for having a friendly face!

Outside work Dave is involved in Local Theatre and has four children who regularly perform in shows.

Below you can read a small selection of what his customers have to say regarding his tuition and customer service.

Customer Reviews Paignton Matt Phillips

Customer Reviews Paignton Matt Phillips

“When I was looking for a driving school, I mostly looked for someone who was local, experienced and who I or my friends knew already. Dave Williams, my instructor, was friendly, funny, and had a nicely maintained car. It was almost as if Dave adapted his teaching methods to suit me and my personality. Learning to drive was much easier than I expected and the support from Dave meant if I had any issues, he was able to help wherever I needed. To pass with only 1 minor, and for that minor to be undue hesitation, in my opinion you can never be too safe, which is why I’d recommend Dave to my friends, as he teaches you to be a real, safe driver, not just to pass your test.”

Matt Philips Paignton

Customer Reviews Tom Wileman

Customer Reviews Tom Wileman

“I decided to use Williams driving school as my sister had learnt with them a few years before and I had also read some positive reviews from people I know. I was most worried about driving being too daunting overall because it was all new territory but my instructor Dave introduced everything slowly so I eases into it all. Dave was very patient and found a way to get me to understand every part of driving, and was always slagging off Man United too which is a different plus. Now that I car drive I have a feeling of independence, I no longer have to plan my life around public transport or trying to get a lift everywhere. I like say a big thanks to Williams driving school for helping me to pass first time with eight minors.

Tom Wileman

Customer Reviews torquay Alex Reid

Customer Reviews Alex Reid

“I started learning with a rival driving school however after a considerable amount of time, I felt that I wasn’t at the stage that I should be and that I wasn’t making considerable progress. After recommendations from numerous friends, I chose to switch to Williams Driving School. Before starting, I was most nervous about the manoeuvres however this quickly changed due to the well-structured lessons where I could focus on one at a time. I highly recommend Williams Driving School, especially my fantastic instructor Dave who helped me to feel more comfortable and confident whilst driving. Now that I have passed, I hope to purchase a car which will help me with my day to day life.

Alex Reid


Customer Reviews Torquay Daniel Kilbee

Customer Reviews Daniel Kilbee

“When I was looking for a driving school, it was very important that I found an instructor who was patient, as I am a very quiet person. I was aware that Williams Driving School were not the cheapest driving school in the area, but I read the reviews and felt it was worth paying a little more for lessons to get better quality lessons. I wasn’t wrong as I passed 1st time. Dave Williams was my instructor and he was very good to learn with, he explained everything very clearly, he was patient and didn’t shout. . I really enjoyed my lessons and enjoy driving my  car to gardening jobs..

Daniel Kilbee

Driving Instructor, Marc Rosindale

Driving Instructor, Marc Rosindale

We are pleased to announce that Marc Rosindale has joined us as a driving instructor. Marc is based in Torbay and has been a Fully Qualified Driving Instructor since 2009.

Below you can read a small selection of what his customers have to say regarding his tuition and customer service.

Customer Reviewsl Torquay, Sam Dixon

Customer Reviewsl Sam Dixon

“Some important factors for me when picking a driving instructor are that they are trustworthy instead of milking driving lessons. In this case with Marc, he pushed me to take my driving test as soon as I was ready, although I did fail first time which was my fault entirely for being sloppy, the 2nd time round I felt very confident with only 4 minors. Before I met Marc, I roughly had about 10/15 lessons a few years back and then moved out of the country for a while, so I had a rough idea on how it was going to plan out, but Marc seemed a lot better and more chilled out than my last instructor, which suited me. I found Marc’s teaching methods brilliant, as he knew what I was struggling with instantly and then worked on them throughout the lessons. He never got stressed when I did something wrong; we got along very well which was great. I would recommend Williams Driving School because, although I had only 6/7 lessons with Marc, I enjoyed my time driving.

Sam Dixon

Customer Reviews Paignton louis Sullivan

Customer Reviews louis Sullivan

“I was looking for a driving school with a good reputation. I read lots of great reviews about Williams Driving School and when I was allocated Marc Rosindale I also found good reviews for him. I had had lessons before but it had not worked out well so I was keen to find a good instructor with a sense of humour this time, Marc was brilliant! I have already recommended a few friends to Marc at Williams driving School”.

Louis Sullivan

Customer Reviews Paignton Elijah Daka

Customer Reviews Elijah Daka

“A Driving School that had a good reputation, good prices and customer feedback was important for me when choosing Williams Driving School,My Driving Instructor Marc Rosindale was very good and made me feel safe. I was surprised about the amount of rules on the road but Marc had very good teaching methods and most importantly was patient with me! I was very satisfied with my experience and found everything to be really good and would recommend the school to others due to the service I received.”

Elijah Daka


ADI Greg Braund

Greg is a fully qualified ADI and covers the Paignton area.

Below you can read a small selection of what his customers have to say regarding his tuition and customer service.

Customer Reviews Brixham Barbara Tarrant Taylor

Customer Reviews Brixham Barbara Tarrant Taylor

“The main reason I chose Williams Driving School is because I was looking for recommendations for Instructors that were committed to continuous professional development. My experience with the School was excellent!! My Driving Instructor Greg Braund had outstanding teaching methods, demonstrating skill with endless patience! He offered fantastic encouragement, always had a positive attitude and believed in me. Greg is an inspiring teacher of which I will recommend to others.” 

Barbara Tarrant Taylor

Customer Reviews Paignton Lisa Markham

Lisa Markham

“Having an instructor who was patient and understood my anxiety was a major factor in my decision of who I would choose. I also really liked the introductory offer that the School were running. The service I received from Greg and Williams Driving School was a huge improvement on my previous experiences of driving lessons. I have recommended Williams Driving School to my friends because I passed 1st time with only 2 minor faults and I really enjoyed my experience.”

Lisa Markham

Driving Instructor, Rodel Santos

Driving Instructor, Rodel Santos

We are pleased to announce that Rodel Santos has joined us as a driving instructor. Rodel is based in Torbay and has been a Fully Qualified Driving Instructor since 2013. Rodel has a new Ford Fiesta  as his driving school car.

Ako po si Rodel Santos,  isang Approved Driving Instructor dito sa UK.  Ako po ay tubong San Miguel Bulacan sa Pilipinas. Sa loob ng nakaraang labindalawang taon ako po ay naninirahan dito sa England kasama ng aking pamilya na nakatira sa Torquay Devon. Ako po ay naging fully qualified driving instructor mula taong 2013, at mula noon sa awa ng Diyos ay marami na rin akong mga natulungang pumasa na nakakuha ng lisensiya sa pagmamaneho na karamihan ay mga kababayan nating mga Pilipino, at buong pagmamalaki kong naipasa sa unang pag-exam ang marami sa kanila. Sa kasalukuyan, ang mga sakop kong mga lugar na tinuturuan ay Torquay, Newton Abbot, Paignton, at sa Teignmouth area.

Below you can read a small selection of what his customers have to say regarding his tuition and customer service.

Customer Reviews Newton Abbot Connor Denning

Customer Reviews Connor Denning

“I started learning to drive with Williams Driving School as I was given a 6 hour gift voucher for my birthday. I picked driving up quickly with the help of my Williams Driving instructor Rodel, who was great. He would always be able to give advice with everything from the small mistakes to bigger mistakes. I found Rodel really friendly and helpful and went he went into depth with everything making it for me to learn. Now that I can drive it means me and my mates are no longer limited to Torquay as we can go where we like.I passed my test first time with one minor error; I like to say a big thanks to Rodel and Williams Driving School for helping making this possible.”

Connor Denning

Customer Reviews Paignton Rebecka Boon

Customer Reviews Paignton Rebecka Boon

“I decided to take lessons with Williams driving school after being advised by several friends over a Facebook status I wrote asking for information on what driving school people would recommend!i defiantly wasn’t disappointed! I got paired with Rodel santos as he was the most flexible with what hours I could learn mostly being evenings! Rodel taught me a few things that I will take with me for life it’s not just about learning to drive it’s changing your life it opens up so many opportunities for you and your family and creates a independence for you as a person! I was nervous about getting into a car with a stranger as anybody would be but Rodel was so friendly as soon as I got in the car I felt completely at ease! he told me he enjoyed his job because it’s always a happy ending for the people he teaches which then boost me with confidence! I have benefited so much from driving I have three little boys that are full of energy as you can imagine and now we can leave the house come rain or shine trips to the beach are now constant and school runs will be hassle free it’s also opened up a lot more opportunities for me to commute to a evening job! Williams new I was in a rush to pass my test as is everyone the best thing about them is they don’t hold into your custom just to make more money as it benefits them if you pass because then they can take on the next waiting customer which I think a lot of companies do! I started in May and passed in July I honestly thought it would take 6 months min fantastic company fantastic people 5* treatment thank you again for changing my life !

Rebecka Boon



Driving instructor James Palmer

Driving instructor James Palmer

James Palmer has been a driving instructor for many years, he was the owner of Passmaster school of motoring before deciding to join the Williams driving school team. James thinks that the best thing about being an instructor is that no two days are the same and he is always happy to see people pass their test and have the freedom of the road and is very excited to be joining Williams Driving School. Before James was an instructor, he was a chef for TLH and was there for over ten years. James brings what he learnt from training people as a chef into driving instruction. He teaches in a relaxed manner which puts the student at ease and makes the lessons more enjoyable.

Below you can read a small selection of what his customers have to say regarding his tuition and customer service.

“I can’t thank James Palmer and Williams Driving School enough.

I didn’t have much confidence about driving, James was so patient and understanding and very supportive of me.

I passed first time thanks to James, he’s not only a great instructor but also a very kind and reliable person. Really couldn’t have done it without him, thank you so much James!!!

Highly recommended to everyone, very reliable, trustworthy and understanding, and great value for money, as you definitely get all the training, support and advice you need, to pass your test. Felt like I was looked after through it all. Thanks again James.”

Sarah Pearce, Paignton

“The key factors in my decisions on which driving school to choose were whether the school was represented well and their pass rates.

I found learning to drive to be easier than I thought it would be. My driving instructor James Palmer was very understanding and was also a calming influence.

I would recommend to others as they really take into account areas where you are finding difficulty.”

Kirsty Huxtable

“Choosing a reliable and well known driving school like Williams Driving School was a must for me. In addition to this they are friendly and definitely know their stuff!

My learning experience was amazing! My driving instructor James Palmer had very good teaching methods which were easy to follow and fun!

I will 100% be recommending the school to others as you made my learning to drive experience fun and you gave me belief I could do it! Nothing to improve guys you’re great!!”

Michaela Stapleton

“Have been learning to drive with James Palmer for 9 months.

I have today passed my driving test first time with the help of him and Williams Driving School. They have been with me every step of the way.

I would highly recommend Williams driving school. They are very friendly and professional.

Thanks everyone.”

Lauren Wilson

Driving Instructor Mike Adkins

Driving Instructor Mike Adkins

Mike Adkins has been a Driving instructor since 2016. He is based in Torquay covering Torbay, Teignbridge & Totnes areas, Mike trained and instructed in Plymouth before moving to Torquay. Mike used to be an LGV Driver having been in the transport industry for 25 years.

Below you can read a small selection of what his customers have to say regarding his tuition and customer service.

ADI Anna Wood

Anna was an ADI from 2004-2010 and then took re training with Williams in 2017. Anna lives in Newton abbot and covers
the Paignton area.
Out side work she is into motorbikes and owns a GSXR750 and used to teach CBT training

Anna has many students nearing their tests so her reviews will appear here soon.

Zara Grant

“The most important criteria for me when choosing a Driving School was to have a Driving Instructor who I’d feel comfortable with.

Learning to drive was scary at first but much better than I expected it to be. My Driving Instructor Anna Wood had very good teaching methods as well as instructions which were always easy to follow.

I will be recommending to others as instructors at Williams Driving School teach well and make you feel comfortable.”

Zara Grant

Mollie Kennedy

“Seeing people’s reviews of the school are what made me choose Williams Driving School.

Learning to drive was not as scary as I thought it would be. My driving instructor Anna Wood has amazing teaching methods, she is lovely!!

I really enjoyed my time learning and will be recommending to others due to my experience.”

Mollie Kennedy

Lisa Zimmermann has been a driving instructor since 2016 and moved from another local driving school to join Williams in 2018.

Lisa is very excited to be joining Williams Driving School team as she is impressed by the great reviews all the instructors receive.

Before Lisa was an instructor, she had various jobs, one of which was working as beauty Therapist on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

Outside work Lisa is a keen gardener and love walking her dog.

Lisa teaches in a very relaxed manner which puts the student at ease and makes the lessons more enjoyable.

Lisa has many students nearing their tests so her reviews will appear here soon.


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