Newton Abbot, the town surrounded by South Devon is graced with wonderful and beautiful parks.

Let us explore the parks in and nearby Newton Abbot!

Courtenay Park

This is a formal style park that pleases the visitors and citizens of the town. It offers a great and relaxing outing from the busy streets of Newton Abbot. Featured with pond, fountain, sensory garden, and bandstand where concerts are organized; the park is really a great place to calm your body and mind.

Decoy Country Park

This park is a Green Flag award winning park that nestles nature reserves. The park is on the outskirt of the town featured with formal playing fields, large children’s play areas, water play features, etc. Water sport activities are most exciting and fun-filled. The park also provides opportunities for countryside quiet recreations like walking, duck feeding, wildlife watching, picnics, etc. The park is world famous for the wealth of wildlife, with main habitats being ponds, fen, we woodland, heath woodland, and streams.

Bakers Park

Bakers Park is a great place that serves an array of recreational activities. Standing on the outskirts of the town it hosts plenty of room for ball games except golf. There are four free tennis courts where you can enjoy playing tennis with your friends. The park also features children’s play area, football bitches, etc.

Becky Falls Woodland Park

No visit to Devon would complete without visiting Becky Falls Woodland Park. It is a place where one can breathe purest air in England; enjoy exploring stunning woodlands and much more. Becky Fall’s waterfall is the top rated attraction of the park. This is the huge and most spectacular waterfall. There are many more waterfalls which are entirely natural and beautiful. It is exciting to enjoy Blue trail, Red trail, and Purple trail walk filled with pure enjoyment, viewing the natural falls, watching birds and wildlife and lovely countryside. It is worth meeting the animals in the petting area of the park where you will find ponies, guinea pigs, chickens, rabbits, goats, snakes, lizards, and fascinating collections of amazing invertebrates. You can also find polecats, chinchillas, degus, rodents, chipmunks, etc. Various family activities organized at the park are truly exciting, filled with fun, and pure entertainment. The park is a great place to have a day out with family and friends.

Stover Country Park

This is a great and huge park contains over 114 acres of woodland, heathland, grassland, marsh, and lake. The park contains a substantial variety of wildlife, that has made the park a top-rated tourist’s attraction. The park is also a site of special scientific interest that conserves the wildlife and geology of the park. The park features Nature Interpretation Center, interpretation boards, aeriel walkway, a bird hide, picnic areas, etc. along with the wealth of historical interest. The park features six main habitats types namely, freshwater, marshland, coniferous plantation, mixed broadleaved woodland, lowland heath, and grassland. It is worth visiting the park to explore range of visiting and resident variety of wildlife, notably dragonflies and wildfowl, insects, mammals, bird life, and beautiful nature.

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