Driving with a disability


Having a disability doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t drive: there are many modifications that can be made to help adapt a car for your needs.

You might find it useful to start with a driving assessment. This will

  • test your driving ability
  • give you advice on the controls and adaptations needed to allow you to drive safely and comfortably.

Williams do have driving instructors who have adapted tuition cars.

1. Push/Pull Brake/Accelerator Hand Control with indicator switch.
2. Left foot Accelerator
3. Bever smartsteer secondary control system (multifunction steering ball with remote controls for indicators, lights etc)
4. Standard steering ball.



We are getting more adapitions all the time so please call for a chat to Guy on 01803 362024 or Email.  williamsdrivingschool@virginmedia.com 

If more substantial or special adaptions  are required it may be necessary for you to get your own car, have it fitted with necessary adaptations, and a dual brake, and then learn to drive in that vehicle; our specialist driving instructors would  be prepared to teach you in your own vehicle.

.Automatic teaching specialists 
.Fully qualified experienced automatic instructors 
.Highly recommended by previous pupils – see reviews
Simple effective structured learning 
Patient, friendly, professional, calm instruction 
Relaxed stress free learning 

Contact Williams Driving School

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01803 362024

We charge £90 for a 2 hour lesson


10 hours for £430

This is only within a 20 minute radius of TQ1 3PU

Further distances will cost extra.

Special Education Needs and Learning to Drive

Autistic Adult Lessons/ Asperger/ASD

We have a team of specialist Driving Instructors who can not only recognise the signs but they are able to adapt teaching methods to suit individual needs. For example, communication can be the most difficult aspect for those with the Asperger’s [syndrome].  Some forms of communication can often be missed as information can just go in one ear and out the other.  The Driving Instructors at Williams Driving School use varied techniques of communication to aid understanding of driving. Building a rapport with each individual pupil is important.


As with dyslexia, adjustments can be made to your lesson plan structure to help you overcome these challenges. For example, we can avoid using the directional terms such as left and right and instead demonstrate with hand signals. We can also take extra time to ensure that you are comfortable with each step prior to moving to the next stage.


Anxiety disorder

Williams Driving school have instructors that specialise in driver training with highly anxious or nervous drivers. Perhaps you passed your driving test some time ago but didn’t have the confidence to set off alone, or need additional support to help you overcome your personal demons and use those strategies to become a safe, independent driver and pass your driving test


We are here to help!

The first thing any student needs to do is to find the right driving school. At Williams Driving School, we have dedicated Driving Instructors, who are extremely patient and friendly who have experience in teaching students with different challenges, including those above. We take time to make sure the instructor is right for each pupil’s special needs.

To find out more about how we can help, please contact us.