Congratulations to our local students who now have the freedom of the road.

We are delighted that the following learner drivers, who are all from the Torquay area have now completed the learner syllabus and are now proud owners of full driving licences.

“The main reason for choosing Williams Driving School is because I wanted a driving instructor who would help with my confidence. The price of lessons was also important as was the flexibility of an instructor so I could fit lessons around my work pattern.

I found learning to drive to be harder than I expected it to be with lots to remember! My driving instructor Dave Williams had excellent teaching methods.

It took me a little while to get there but Dave was definitely the best instructor for me!!”

Rosie Howarth, Torquay

Rosie Howarth of Torquay

“I chose Williams Driving School because I wanted an experienced driving instructor. I was also looking for an instructor to be flexible as I needed lessons in the evenings and on weekends which the school could do.

Coming into learning to drive I was very scared and not sure I could do it but my driving instructor Rodel Santos really helped me by giving clear instructions. Rodel was very calm, very patient and very clear with what I needed to do.

It was a perfect learning experience and I will be definitely recommending to others.”

Nadege Lebrun, Torquay

Nadege Lebrun of Torquay

“I chose Williams Driving School as I was looking for a local driving school that were close to home and that were professional, with high success rates.

My driving instructor Stephen Croucher had excellent teaching methods. Stephen explained everything in great detail.

Having a trailer licence will massively help now with work and for personal use.

I will be recommending the school to others as I found Stephen to be an excellent instructor. Everything met my expectations!”

Dan Brooks, Torquay

Dan Brooks of Torquay

Congratulations to Francesca Bennett from Torquay who passed her automatic practical driving test on the 2nd February after completing her intensive course.

Francesca kept her eyes moving and controlled her speed and did what she needed to do .

Francesca told her instructor Guy Parfitt “this will help big time with the childcare…”

Well done and good luck in the future from your driving instructor Guy Parfitt and the whole team at Williams Driving School.

Congratulations to Aaron Salmon from Torquay for passing his B+E trailer test on the 6th February at his 1st attempt with only a handful of minors.

Aaron needed the b+e entitlement for work purposes and during his 3 day course soon got to grips with what is needed to pass the test.

Steve Croucher and the whole team wish Aaron all the best in the future and hope to see him on the roads towing with a smile.

Larry Maliwat from Torquay an Electric Line Maintenance man passed his practical driving test on the 6th February with just a few minimal driving faults.

Passing his driving test will have big advantage for Larry, because he can now drive the company service van and get an additional bonuses from the company.

Best wishes and well done from instructor Rodel Daggss Santos and the whole team at Williams driving school.

Well done Kirsty Huxtable from Torquay who passed her driving test on the 12th February with only 2 faults.

Having passed her test, she now can drive her Corsa to school and work.

James her instructor said that “Kirsty was model pupil who never cancelled a lesson and all the hard work has paid off”

Best wishes from instructor James Palmer and the whole team at Williams Driving School.

Really recommend James Palmer, helped me learn safely and understood things I found difficult, which then progressed throughout my time with Williams.

Kirsty Huxtable, Torquay

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Kirsty Huxtable of Torquay