Congratulations to our local students who now have the freedom of the road.

We are delighted that the following learner drivers, who are all from the Torquay area have now completed the learner syllabus and are now proud owners of full driving licences.

Well done Kate Leszman from Torquay who passed her practical driving test on the 6th March with only 1 very minor driving fault. This was Katie’s 1st driving test so she was very happy to pass.

Having passed her test, she now can drive her Micra to the stables were her 4 horses are kept and to work.

Dave her instructor said that “Katie was a great pupil who never cancelled a lesson and was always ready to learn, so all her hard work has paid off

Best wishes from instructor Dave Williams and the whole team at Williams Driving School.

“Dave Williams was an amazing driving instructor.

He enabled me to pass first time and with only 1 driver fault!

I also passed with a high result on my theory test using the school’s Theory Test Pro app which was very useful.

Thank you!!!”

Katie Lesman, Torquay

A great pass on such a dreadful day for Jess Copland who passed her driving test in atrocious weather conditions on the 9th March 2018.

Jess attends Torquay Boys Grammar School and has nearly completed her International Baccalaureate studies. She will then hopefully be going on further to either Cardiff or Bristol university to complete a P.H.D.

Congratulations and best wishes from your instructor Marc Rosindale and all the team at Williams Driving School.

A huge well done to Mandi Coup-Gibbons from Torquay who after completing her automatic intensive course passed her practical driving test at Newton Abbot Driving Test Centre on March the 14th with only a handful of minor driving faults.

Mandi was a bit nervous but held it all together and kept her eyes moving and did what was required to pass.

When asked by her instructor how this is going to effect her life she replied “MASSIVELY in every way!

Congratulations from your driving instructor Guy Parfitt and all the customer service team here at Williams Driving School.

“The main reason for choosing Williams Driving School was because of their google rating. Other key factors were the friendliness of staff and cost. The school would also need to be punctual and have available slots.

My driving instructor Dave Williams had really great teaching methods and he was easy going.

I would recommend the school to others as it is a good company to learn with.”

Benjamin Gardner, Torquay

A big well done to Craig McGuire from Torquay who passed his practical driving test at his 1st attempt with Williams driving school. Craig moved to Williams after an unsuccessful attempt with his previous driving instructor.

Craig is pleased that he does not to have to rely on buses or lifts for work, he is also looking forward to driving to watch lots of sporting events that he enjoys doing in his spare time.

Best wishes and really well done from driving instructor Anna Woods and the rest of the instructors at Williams Driving School.

A big well done to Sonny Rowe from Torquay who passed his practical driving test on the 3rd of April with just a few minor driving faults.

Sonny is a Rugby coach at a private boarding school in Rutland, so having a full driving licence will make travelling home to Torquay and to Crediton to see his girlfriend a lot easier.

Well done and safe driving from your driving instructor Dave Williams and the whole team here at Williams Driving School.

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