Congratulations to our local students who now have the freedom of the road.

We are delighted that the following learner drivers, who are all from the Torquay area have now completed the learner syllabus and are now proud owners of full driving licences.

Congratulations to Jordan Lewis from Torquay on passing her practical driving test on the 7th of July. Jordan drove really well making only a few minor faults.

Now that she can drive Jordan will be able to drive herself to her stables with have to rely on her Dad or friends.

Best wishes and safe driving from your driving instructor Dave Williams and the whole team here at Williams Driving School.

A big big big WELL DONE to Nessa Fernandez from Torquay who passed her driving test on the 8th July with an amazing 2 minor faults.

Nessa combined home practices with her Dad along side lesson with Williams Driving School.

She will now be able to get a car a take her Daughter on trips out.

Best wishes and very safe driving from your instructor Dave Williams and the whole team at Williams Driving School.

Well done to Bryony Croucher from Torquay who passed her practical automatic driving test on the 10th July.

Bryony is a teacher at Barton Hill Primary School and she thinks that in the future she could be asked to drive the school mini bus!

Bryony is especially looking forward to doing her own shopping and her independence.

Best wishes and safe driving from her instructor Ian Lynn and the whole team at Williams Driving School.

Congratulations to Thomas Perry from Torquay who passed 1st time on the 10th July 2018 with 4 minor faults.

Thomas had a very good drive considering he only had 25hrs tuition from scratch. He is the head boy at Stover school and is currently studying medicine as he wants to specialize in Pediatric Cardiology.

Good luck with your future studies from your instructor Marc Rosindale all the team at Williams Driving School.

“I passed my test under the guidance of Marc Rosindale from Williams Driving School.

He was a really relaxed instructor who walked me through everything I needed to know, I felt relaxed in the car and had some good jokes whilst learning. He helped me from the basics all the way up to where I am now and I really appreciate it.

One of the best things about Marc is how he adapts the teaching to suit his student. it’s not the same for all and that is really helpful to encourage every pupil.

I would highly recommend Marc because he’s fun, relaxed and good at what he does. Thanks.”

Thomas Perry, Torquay

A massive congratulation to Sara Haider from Torquay who on the 11th of July passed her automatic practical driving test at Newton Abbot Driving Test Centre with only 4 minor driving faults.

Sara did a fantastic job and kept her eyes moving and did what was required to pass.

Good luck out on the road and remember give me a wave then you see me. Safe driving!

Best wishes from your driving instructor Guy Parfitt and all the customer service team here at Williams Driving School.

Well done to Tom Newman from Torquay who Passed his driving test on the 12th July at his  1st attempt with just a few minor faults.

Passing his test will make a big difference to his life he can’t wait to get his car and take his children out for day trips. No more relying on buses to get to work.

Best wishes and safe driving from instructor Anna Wood and the whole team at Williams Driving School.

Driving Lessons Torquay

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