Congratulations to our local students who now have the freedom of the road.

We are delighted that the following learner drivers, who are all from the Torquay area have now completed the learner syllabus and are now proud owners of full driving licences.

“I really needed to learn in an automatic and a friend of mine recommended Williams Driving School to me. It was also important that I had a driving instructor that I could get along with.

Learning to drive was actually quite easy once I got rid of the bad habits I had picked up over time. My driving instructor Ian had brilliant teaching methods and was a very good teacher.

I will definitely be recommending Williams Driving School to others because of my experience, the reasonable pricing and good driving instructors. There is nothing I would have changed about my experience.”

Adam Narraway, Torquay

Customer Reviews Torquay Adam Narraway

“The main reason for choosing Williams Driving School was because I wanted a local driving school with a good reputation and an impressive pass rate.

Learning to drive was made fun and enjoyable by my driving instructor Marc Rosindale. Marc had excellent teaching methods, was patient, relaxed and direct.

In my opinion passing the test and having a full licence is everything to me! It is life changing all for the better. Keep up the good work!!!”

Ian Sambrook, Torquay

Customer Reviews Torquay Ian Sambrook

“I chose Williams Driving School because I wanted a local driving school and I had read the many positive reviews.

My driving instructor Greg Braund contacted me with details he was provided and everything was booked quickly from that call.

Coming into learning to drive I was very unsure of what to expect really and I was slightly nervous, naturally! Greg was fantastic and instantly put me at ease. He was patient, professional and I gained confidence quickly. I was so pleased to pass first time and I am sure a huge part was down to Greg’s fantastic teaching!

In my opinion there is nothing that needs improving and I would 100% recommend Williams Driving School. Thank you Greg!!

Megan Johns, Torquay

Customer Reviews Torquay Megan Johns

Congratulations to Scott Kendall of Torquay who had a great 1st time pass on the 29th of December 2017 with only 3 minor faults.

Scott had to overcome a last minute change in the car he took to test, due to a mechanical fault. He now looks forward to going to work and being able to drive his Dad’s van.

All the best and well done again from your driving instructor Marc Rosindale and all the team here at Williams Driving School.

“The main reason for choosing Williams Driving School was because I wanted a driving instructor that would be strict but also patient! It was also really important that I would get along with the instructor.

Learning to drive was fun and it got less scary as we went forward. My driving instructor Rodel Santos is a saint!! He was very patient with me and more importantly believed in me!

I will be recommending Williams Driving School to others as my instructor Rodel was amazing and makes it very much worth the money!”

Jade Cockerill, Torquay

Customer Reviews Torquay Jade Cockerill

“I chose Williams Driving School because I liked that there was a well established automatic driving option available to me. Williams Driving School also had competitive prices, good customer reviews and good email response times!

I found learning to drive to better than I thought, it was fun and not a chore which I thought it might be. My driving instructor Ian Lynn had amazing teaching methods! He was enthusiastic, encouraging, patient and open to showing different methods if one way didn’t click. I could tell he just wanted me to do well.

YES I will be recommending to others for all the above reasons! I have no complaints at all. The experience was delightful and I now feel ready to drive alone and face any road situation calmly and safely.”

Katie Bacon, Torquay

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Customer Reviews Torquay Katie Bacon