Customer Reviews Kingsteignton Rebecka Boon 

“I decided to take lessons with Williams driving school after being advised by several friends over a Facebook status I wrote asking for information on what driving school people would recommend! I definitely wasn’t disappointed! I got paired with Rodel santos as he was the most flexible with what hours I could learn mostly being evenings! Rodel taught me a few things that I will take with me for life it’s not just about learning to drive it’s changing your life it opens up so many opportunities for you and your family and creates a independence for you as a person! I was nervous about getting into a car with a stranger as anybody would be but Rodel was so friendly as soon as I got in the car I felt completely at ease! he told me he enjoyed his job because it’s always a happy ending for the people he teaches which then boost me with confidence! I have benefited so much from driving I have three little boys that are full of energy as you can imagine and now we can leave the house come rain or shine trips to the beach are now constant and school runs will be hassle free it’s also opened up a lot more opportunities for me to commute to a evening job! Williams new I was in a rush to pass my test as is everyone the best thing about them is they don’t hold into your custom just to make more money as it benefits them if you pass because then they can take on the next waiting customer which I think a lot of companies do! I started in May and passed in July I honestly thought it would take 6 months min fantastic company fantastic people 5* treatment thank you again for changing my life ! Rebeck. Customer Reviews Kingsteignton Rebecka Boon

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Williams Money Back Guarantee

Williams Money Back Guarantee