When it comes to holidaying in UK, Newton Abbot is the best destination for you.

Stunning coast and lovely countryside of Newton Abbot offer the most relaxing, hassle-free holidays filled with pure enjoyment. Let us explore Newton Abbot, the places to visit there, the things to do there, the cuisine you can enjoy tasting there, and much more!

A day at race course

Newton abbot has a race course that hosts a number of races throughout the summer. It is also a home for car boot sales and antique fairs where you can enjoy with your family.

Traces of history

The Berry’s Wood Hill Fort serves traces of Neolithic people. The remains of a Norman motte-and-bailey castle are worth to see here. It is worth visiting the Newton Abbots railway station. St. Leonard’s tower situated at the center of the town, Forde House to the south east corner of the town, 15th century Bradley Manor, the Passmore Edwards Public Library, etc. are worth visiting here. Top of all, visiting Newton Abbot town and G. W. R. Museum is worth to explore the history of the town, especially the railway history of the town.

Shopping in Newton Abbot

Newton Abbot has a bustling market. There is both indoor and outdoor market with full of shops, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. The historic Butter Market hall here is home to the indoor market where you can shop fruits, veg, gifts, and much more. The outdoor market at Market Square is a specialty market with lots of fruits, books, crafts, and much more.

Relaxing and nature blessed Newton Abbot

There are plenty of relaxing moments to enjoy in and around Newton Abbot. You can enjoy walking along the countryside and biking along trails. It is a great place for boating and fishing activities. Cycling can be a great that you can enjoy in Newton Abbot. While walking along the pathways you get amazed viewing magnificent and interesting outdoor nature. Colourful flowers, dragonflies and butterflies add to the Newton Abbot’s beauty. Most importantly, you can experience a great fun under the sun on a beautiful coast of beaches and plentiful of water activities around the Newton Abbot. Orchid far enriched with delicate flowers can make refresh your mind. The notable waterfall is amazingly breathtaking, striking and characterized by charm that soothes your mind.

Dining in Newton Abbot

Newton Abbot is well known for wonderful food. You can enjoy locally grown fruits, vegetables, locally reared meat, freshly caught seafood, and much more. Moreover, you can enjoy fantastic local breweries or can explore farms and enjoy the delights in the farm shops.

Newton Abbot is really a great place to explore in South Devon. Whether you are looking for great seaside amusement, strolling along the nearby beaches, town to explore, shops to discover, enjoy stunning views of nature, or just want to stroll around the wide open stretches of countryside full of foot paths; Newton Abbot has something for everyone.  Whether you are visiting the town for a day trip or planning to spend your vacations, there are several things to do and enjoy in Newton Abbot.

Natural reserves and parks in Newton Abbot.

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