Most people are unable to distinguish between good and poor instructors.

There have been many changes to driving training over the past few years & whilst better driving instructors do stay up to date with the latest methods & techniques and offer the most recent customer focused systems, others are stuck using old & maybe even obsolete techniques.

Older parents may recall their own learning encounters of driving around and around and essentially going over similar procedures until the point when it soaked in. Driving tuition should be very much different in 2017 & an all-round structured series of lessons should now be adopted.

Quality driving instructors will now offer customer focused learning and here we will look at an ideal driving situation.


The driving lesson should start with a 3-5-minute recap of what was learned or covered in your last lesson. This ought to be a two-way thing so your instructor will give you his opinions on your strengths & weaknesses but should also be talking to you to get your own opinions about how you feel things are going. This will tell your instructor the training is going well & at the right pace. It will identify the areas that you are not happy with & need more training.

Lesson Objective:

The driving instructor will have you take on the next section of the learning syllabus once you have excelled in the previous segment & as you go through each part he will record his notes on a report card that will be a future outline of your overall progress.

Once a driving lesson objective has been agreed upon, it will be important to have a completely clear vision of what you are hoping to accomplish inside the lesson and how it will fit into the syllabus.

Overseeing Risk.

Before setting off, a total comprehension will be expected of who is assuming what liability & for what activities. A portion of the procedures undertaken won’t be new and you will have changing degrees of experience and ability in managing them.

You may feel as if you need to talk through a particular skill to make sure you know what you need to do before commencing with the actual manoeuvre or you may feel that you are able to advance without the need to talk through the procedure as it comes natural to you. Some procedures will become more natural than others to take on board.

Synopsis of Lesson.

Just before the end of the lesson, it’s important to go over what has been covered to ensure everything has been understood & to identify what might require more practice.

Have you accomplished what was originally set out at the start of the lesson? Have you managed to progress to the next segment of the syllabus or do you need more practice on the skills you are covering? On the off chance that you need more practice you may be able to take on board the assistance of friends & family in between lessons to help you improve.

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