For families there are numerous attractions in Newton Abbot and nearby areas.

There are several historical buildings, museums, family fun parks, countryside, wildlife, floral species, racecourses, shopping centers, etc. where one can enjoy and have great fun. Let us explore Newton Abbot and discover the tourist attractions in Newton Abbot!

St. Leonard’s Tower

This ancient tower stands in the center of the town Newton Abbot where one can trace the remains of Medieval chapel of St. Leonard.  The tower is more commonly known as ‘The Clock Tower’ by locals. It is worth visiting this tower especially exploring the town and its historical heritage.

Ford House

Ford House or Old Ford House is a Grade I listed Jacobean former manor house in the town. Built in 1610, the house is world famous for its 17th century wood-carving and plasterwork. Stepped in centuries of history and romance, Ford House is the ideal setting for wedding making that makes the wedding experience truly memorable. The tower is also available for business meetings, private events, celebrations, etc.

Bradley Manor

This stunning medieval Bradley manor house is about 5 minutes’ walk from the town. The house has original ceilings, medieval cat holes, etc. It is worth roaming in the tranquil garden around the manor. The manor is nestled in a green heaven of riverside meadows and woodland.

Newton Abbot Town & Great Western Railway Museum

The museum focuses on the rich history of the town and the surrounding area. It is a great place for the railway enthusiasts. The museum has a working model of broad gauge carriage, atmospheric system track and buildings, and other railway memorabilia. Visiting this museum takes you to the great days of the Great Western Railway.

Decoy Country Park

Situated on the edge of Newton Abbot, the park offers an opportunity to enjoy beautifully countryside and exciting wildlife. You can easily find some habitats like ponds, streams, fen, wet woodland, heath woodland, etc. Here you can enjoy countryside recreations like wildlife watching, dog walking, duck feeding, picnics, BMX racing, etc. The most exciting is the water sports where you can enjoy onsite windsurfing and canoe. The lake in the park surrounded by deciduous woodland is worth visiting here. The park has wide array of sports pitches where you can enjoy playing football, swings, slides, zip line, water play, wet play, etc.


Newton abbot is a home of some of the UK’s best summer jump racing. It is one of the country’s leading summer jump racecourses that plays host to 18 thrilling horseracing fixtures. Along with this, there are three of restaurants which serves exquisite meals and wide range of food to suit all tastes.

House of Marbles

This is yet another place to amaze. you can discover the glasswork in the House of Marbles where you can see the traditional as well as modern glassmaking techniques. There are museums of glass, bespoke interactive marbles, pottery, games, etc. worth visiting here.

There are many more places to explore and enjoy in Newton Abbot along with lots of places to eat and drink.

Memorable visit to Newton Abbot.

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