Moderately sized market town, Newton Abbot, is one of the most popular tourist destination in South Devon, England.

Filled with variety of attractions, the town records a number of visitors each and every year. Let us explore the town and add great memories to our album!

Market district

Newton Abbot is a famous market district. People from all over the town and the surrounding areas come to the town on weekly basis to sell and purchase various products and goods. It is a open market where one can find anything from goods and services to clothing, food, etc. at indoor and outdoor market.

At this market, one enjoy shopping variety of things. People from all over the town and the surrounding areas come to this market district to sell goods, products, etc. One can find there variety of clothing, homemade goods, services, food, etc.

The festival of Cheese and Onion Fayre is one of the biggest festival organized in the town every year. It is the festival where one can enjoy shopping, eating, and music. This festival is one of the biggest time for making money for the street sellers, retailers, shops, etc. People from all over England come to Newton Abbot to enjoy this festival.

Historic attractions

The historic attractions are one of the main drawing points to the community. History lovers and tourists come to Newton Abbot to explore its history, castles, forts, museums, etc. Among the historic attractions, St. Leonard’s Tower, Bradley Manor, The Passmore Edwards Public Library, the Ford House, Almshouses, Turker’s Maltings, The Workhouse, Ye Olde Cider Bar, Newton Abbot Railway Museum, etc. are some famous names. There are several Neolithic forts in and nearby the town. Roman coins and pavement have been found in the archeological digs. The town is also famous for its wood industry. There are many tailors, spinners, weavers, dyers, fullers, and woolen mills in and nearby the town. Leather making mills here also attracts the tourists.


The town offers the opportunity to enjoy visiting parks where people enjoy watching varieties of bird species, wildlife, dragonflies, butterflies, colourful flowers, and most beautiful countryside nature. The Decoy Country Park on the edge of the town offers opportunity to enjoy relaxing walks through the woodland area. Several sporting activities are also arranged here. The Stover Country Park, which is spread 114 acres big, has woodland and lake. Rather, it is a great place to explore extensively variety of wildlife and fauna. It is worth enjoying and adventurous walking through the woodland and around the lake in Stover Country Park.

From history and heritage, crafts, pottery, castles, houses, forts, boat rides, to shopping, wildlife, fauna, family attractions, and beautiful countryside, in and nearby Newton Abbot, you are sure to find something that can suit to your taste, like and needs.

So, plan your next vacations to Newton Abbot and explore its history, heritage, food, drinks, wildlife, and much more. Enjoy the various events, festivals, races, concerts, etc. arranged here. Or just have a relaxing vacations staying in the countryside Newton Abbot.

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